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My emotions spilling out onto a blank page.. Oh how daunting. I'm Michelle a mommummommy writer, storyteller and more.. hope you enjoy my twisted ways

Twin flames

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash.

Take my hand
I’m reaching as hard as I can
you’ve commanded my heart on demand
you’re my heart–my heart is yours

9 months ago we gambled and took a risk
cupid aim–didn’t miss
this wasn’t planned I’m your woman
you’re definitely my man

We’ve had our share of trials,

My heart belongs to you

Photo by Samson Ejim on Unsplash.

Love is two people that don’t give up on each other

When you love do you love for me
in perfect harmony

Be my endless melody, not a fading memory

My perfect outline and design
will this love stand the test of time

I’ve waited for you–prayed for you


All smiles

Don't own the rights picture from Pinterest

You’re my place of happiness

Somewhere I can rest my aching mind

The sweetness of your love on my worst days

No place compares to you

Your love is divine just want to stay engulfed in it

Heaven must be like this

The innocence that love brings

My winter, spring…


Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

I see you studying my rhythm
keeping the pace with a smile on your face
never too far from me still in this race

Taking control
so direct love how
we just connect–we could be?

If I fall for you

Do you promise to be there?
stay by my side…

You had all of me–bye

Photo by Caju Gomes on Unsplash.

I’ve devoted all my love
and all my time–rolled the dice
hoping you would see
I was worth the sacrifice

Should I pray you away?
For God to free my mind
so I can love again–it’s not that easy

I can’t hide
what I feel or put on
a facade when…


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